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Here’s where you should be travelling to for the cherry blossom season

Everybody knows about Japan’s beautiful sakura season, but did you know that other countries have their very own cherry blossoms? The delicate, pastel flowers blossom all over China from late March to late May, making it one of best times to pay the country a visit. Check out the bests places to view the cherry blossoms when travelling in China this spring!


Japan may be famous for its sakura season, but it’s not the only country where the beautiful trees blossom. Around the same time, China’s own cherry blossoms come into bloom across the country. If you’re hoping to book a last minute trip to catch the cherry blossom in Japan, you’ll probably find you’re already out of luck! Lots of tours and hotels will already be sold out well in advance of the season. In fact, our tours have already started to sell out for 2020! Not to mention, flights can cost you an arm and a leg during such a peak travel time.


But not to worry – China’s cherry blossoms are equally as beautiful and completely underrated! What’s more, spring is also one of the best times to travel to China, as both flights and accommodation are much cheaper than during the busy summer months. So let’s get to it, keep reading to find out the best places to see the cherry blossoms in China!


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Yuyuantan Park, Beijing

Yuyuantan Park is the top place for viewing the cherry blossoms in Beijing. With over 2,000 trees and 20 different species, it’s home to the city’s largest collection of cherry blossom trees. During the festival, which runs from late March to late April, entrance to the park is 10 RMB per person, which is roughly one £1 each.


Pinggu Valley, Beijing

If you’re looking for something completely unique and have a free day, Pinggu Valley is the place for you. Just an hour’s drive outside the city are fields of 600,000 peach blossom trees. Yep, you read that right! Every year, the Pinggu Peach Blossom Festival is held during April, which coincides with the peak blossom period. Peach blossoms differ slightly in colour than regular cherry blossoms, with darker pink petals, but are an extremely attractive alternative. Walk through the orchids or take in the panoramic views of a pink sea, both equally incredible experiences!


Other great places to see cherry blossoms in Beijing include:

– The Summer Palace
– The Temple of Heaven
– Beijing Botanical Garden
– The Great Wall

Beijing’s cherry blossoms are not strictly limited to these places. You’ll more than likely come across lots of blossoms during your time in the city without even trying, they can be found in many parks and lining an abundance of streets!



Gucun Forest Park, Shanghai

Gucun Forest Park is the most popular destination for viewing cherry blossoms in Shanghai. In fact, every year the park hosts its own Cherry Blossom festival, from late March to early April, attracting tourists from across the country! Home to over 12,000 cherry blossom trees, a visit here is more than worth the 20 RMB (£2) entrance fee to the park!


Botanical Gardens, Shanghai

Shanghai’s Botanical Gardens is the biggest municipal botanical garden in China and is home to over 20 varieties of cherry blossoms. With an entrance fee of just 15 RMB per person, it’s a great place to pay a visit to if you find yourself in Shanghai this spring. The blossoms are found in the Rose Garden but be sure to explore the other gardens too, the rest of the flowers will also be in full bloom!


Other great places to see cherry blossoms in Shanghai include:

– Tongji University
– Lu Xun Park
– Pudong Century Park

Don’t forget, cherry blossoms are not strictly limited to these places. Cherry blossoms can be found in even the smallest parks and down various streets, you’ll probably come across them without even trying!


Planning to travel to other parts of China? Here are the top spots to catch the cherry blossoms across the country:

– Prince Bay Park, Hangzhou
– Tortoise Head Garden, Wuxi
– Zhongshan Park, Qingdao


Want to book a trip to China and experience the cherry blossoms this spring? Check out our Flagship 25-day budget backpacking adventure, our 18-day Shanghai Loop, or browse our other China tours!


Published 28th January 2019


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