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Chengdu, Pandas and the Sichuan Alps, 8 days

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8 days / 7 nights - POA

An unbelievably varied and immersive trip that includes helping farmers with their seasonal work in the mountains of Sichuan and teaching English at a school for migrant workers in Chengdu. Students will also learn about conservation at Dujiangyan Panda Research Centre and enjoy other activities, such as Kung Fu and hiking.



Learning Outcomes

  • Service & Sustainability
  • Action
  • Culture

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Day 1

Arrive at Chengdu Airport in the morning and transfer to the city. Visit Chengdu Peoples park, an oasis in the centre of the city, and enjoy a Kungfu lesson. In the evening students will attend a welcome banquet and trip briefing.


Day 2

Volunteer day at Dujiangyan Panda Base. Learn about China’s national animal as you feed, clean and nurture these wonderful creatures.


Day 3

Travel by coach to Yaoji, via Baoxing and Ya’an, on the Tibetan plateau. Check in to Tibetan guesthouse then hike through the amazing scenery of Yaoji up to a Tibetan Stupa.


Day 4

Spend the day helping local farmers with their agricultural work (season dependent). Have lunch at a local farmer’s house and learn about the living conditions of families in the area. In the afternoon wander down to local temple that sits on top of a reservoir. In the evening the local Tibetan villagers join you to teach some local dances around a campfire.


Day 5

Today you will experience a day in the life of a wild boar farmer. Feed the boars and then herd and rear them up the mountain. Enjoy a wonderful lunch cooked on the mountain top. Feed the cows and sheep that graze on the top of the mountain before heading back down to the town.


Day 6

Return to Chengdu by coach. In the afternoon souvenir shopping on Chengdu’s Jinli old streets to barter for some traditional Chinese handicrafts.


Day 7

Visit a local migrant worker school. Visiting students should come prepared with for teaching simple English in the classroom and then English games in the playground.
Migrant schools exist for the children of workers families who have immigrated to the big cities and have difficulties entering normal schooling due to residency issues.
Followed by a visit to Wide and Narrow Alley. In the evening enjoy a traditional Sichuan Hotpot.


Day 8

Transfer to Chengdu airport for flight home.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Service & Sustainability: At the Giant Panda Research Centre students learn in-depth about the lives of the Pandas: what sustains them, how to care for them, and the reasons for their once-endangered-status. One of the most successful wildlife restoration projects of our age, students learn about hope and action – the evidence of how human initiative can indeed combat the damage that we have done to the planet’s wildlife.
  • Action: Students will push themselves physically through activities such as hikes and Kungfu lessons, not to mention the physical labor they’ll have to put in for their service components!
  • Culture: We will be visiting significant Tao and Buddhist temples, going to a traditional Sichuan Opera, and viewing the Leshan Buddha. Our trip leaders will be sharing the history and significance of these sites throughout the itinerary, ensuring that students finish the trip with a solid foundation of knowledge on the varied culture and history of Sichuan.


  • Accommodation for this price is based on 3* hotels.
  • Accommodation in Yaoji is a simple clean guesthouse.
  • Students in private single sex twin rooms. Teachers in private rooms.


  • All transportation within China, including all inner-city transfers. City transportation in private and fully insured coaches or occasionally public transport.
  • Transfers to other cities will either be through internal flights, fast trains and day trains, or overnight sleeper trains.
  • The class of each transport is indicated in the itinerary.


  • All meals during your stay according to the itinerary.
  • Most meals will be local Chinese food and we try to choose a variety of different food in each city, as well as local specialties. We are flexible on the trip and have experience in ordering food for students. For trips longer than 7 days we will typically have at least 1 western fast food meal or similar alternative for lunch or dinner.
  • Breakfasts are typically have both western style and local options.
  • Bottled drinking water is provided on the coach.


  • Groups of 15 students or more will have a leader throughout the trip and local guide in each location. Groups of less than 15 students will have local guides in each location and trains and flight transfers will be unguided.
  • If a large group would prefer just 1 local guide price reductions are available.


  • All tickets to attractions listed on the itinerary.
  • All tips and charges are included in the costs.
  • Due to the nature of the times international flights depart China, the last day of the itinerary does not include activities.
  • If the departing flight leaves in the afternoon or evening, we can provide activities and meals during the day for a small additional charge.
  • Free places include all costs in China (food, accommodation, tickets etc.) but exclude international flights and visas.

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