Lesson Plan: Confucius in the Classroom | Teachers' Corner | The Dragon Trip

Lesson Plan: Confucius in the Classroom | Teachers’ Corner

Download your Confucius Lesson Plan

Confucius influenced much of the China we know today, and any class that teaches China is sure to include a mention of the influential thinker. Here at The Dragon Trip, we incorporate Confucius into our educational Learning Adventures in Shandong, China where students visit the Confucius Temple, Mt. Tai, and learn about Confucianism through hands-on discovery.

We’ve put together a helpful lesson plan on Confucius for teachers looking for fun ways to engage with their students about China. We’ve divided the lesson into three parts: application, comprehension, and project-creation. Download the Confucius Lesson Plan to print out and use!

There are lots of other fun things you can do with your students to get them excited about China and Confucius. Email us at info@thedragontrip for more suggestions or to get help planning your own school trip to China! Download our latest brochure and see what The Dragon Trip can do for you!



Ian Fillingham

About Ian Fillingham

Straight after Ian finished studying at Nottingham University, he ran off to China to live in Wuxi. After a year of working, exploring, and eating too much tasty Chinese food he returned home and started working at TDT. Ian’s a fan of music, films and – no surprises – tasty Chinese food.


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