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Our Japan tours take you to the country’s iconic destinations – but with a little bit of a twist. Rather than strolling and staring at the country’s glorious monuments (which we’ll do a bit of), we’ll take you behind the scenes of this mystifying culture – introducing you to the art of calligraphy, the tempo of taiko drumming and helping you discover the stillness that comes with a zazen (sitting meditation) session amidst the country’s magnificent mountain scenery. Our hands-on experiences will give you more to take home than just the souvenirs – although, we’ll admit, it’s worth making backpack space for a few boxes of wacky flavoured KitKats. 

Japan is a destination like no other – and nobody goes home disappointed. Have any questions? Ask us about our tours and making bookings with us directly via emailphone or WhatsApp!

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13 DAYS | This tour is jam packed with hands on experiences, carefully planned in an itinerary which whisks you from the high-rise filled metropolis of Tokyo, to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and beyond with one of our expert adventure leaders.


EPIC JAPAN LOOP | From £2,899

19 DAYS| Our 19 day Japan tour takes travellers boldly into the heartland of Japan’s magnificent countryside; you’ll go beyond the skyscrapers of Shinjuku to explore ancient samurai towns, hidden hot springs and idyllic temples.

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12 DAYSTailored to entertain all ages, with Studio Ghibli galore, monkey parks, manga museums, cat cafes and a host of other activities – you’ll get to see the very best of Japan as a family, all within 12 days.

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Japanese etiquette is often described as a minefield for backpackers. So, here are a few tips to put you at ease on your Japan tour and help you avoid those cultural banana-skins.

Wearing tattoos on your tour of Japan

Travelling with a tattoo in Japan

Japanese people tend to show little tolerance for body art. If you’re inked up, be prepared at times to get creative about concealing tattoos.