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Why you should do a group tour rather than travel solo | Expert Travel Tips

So you want to go backpacking in Asia but you’re wary about going it alone? We totally get, the world is a big place, especially when you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language. But didn’t you know? Everybody is talking about the benefits of group travelling. Here are the top reasons why it’s better to do a group tour than travel solo.

You’re on your own… but not really

You might think that doing a group tour would take away from the solo experience, but that’s not true. Many people who participate in group tours are also on your own, so they’re a great way to experience travelling solo, just with the support of a group of people wanting to the exact same thing as you. The dangers of being on your own in a foreign place are removed, but the experience, confidence and independence you can gain are still there. Safety in numbers people!

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Making friends

This is probably the most obvious perk of travelling as part of a group tour, so let’s just hit the nail on the head — you can make friends. Most of the people who travel with The Dragon Trip range from ages 18 to 50, averaging at about 28 years old, so there is no doubt you will be travelling with people you can connect with. The thought of booking a group tour with people you have never met might be nerve-wracking, but your fellow travellers will be just as curious, excited and buzzing to learn about different cultures as you! Group tours can run from 8 to 31 days, so the friendships made are likely to be very strong.

An authentic experience

There is so much more to group tours than just travelling in a group. Firstly, group tours are researched and run by people who know everything there is to know about Asia. In each location you visit, group tours are led by a specialised local, who can give you an insight into the real life of a local, and give you an authentic experience that normal tourists would not see. With solo trips, you run the risk of getting lost in a bustling foreign city or lost in translation in a rural village. But with a whole team of adventure leaders, like Nao, in Toyko, you can get ‘under the skin’ of the places you visit.

Off the beaten track

When organising a solo holiday, it’s difficult to know where the country’s hidden gems are. Sometimes the best places are those only known to the locals. The Dragon Trip group tours are specifically designed to show you both the thriving cities and the rural landscape, to ensure that you gain a complete experience of the country (or countries) you visit. Lot’s of people can say that they’ve been to China, but not everyone can say that they’ve laid in a hammock looking out over the mountains in Yangshuo, or get a cooking lesson from a local restaurant owner like this Dragon can.

Making the most of your time

When travelling solo, it’s easy to waste a lot of your time abroad doing not much at all. You might not know where to go, or spend half a day wandering around just looking, everyone’s done it. The beauty of group tours is that they’re jam-packed with exciting experiences every single day. They’re organised to the minute detail by a team of people dedicated to creating the best trip of your life. It’s all taken care of. The time that you would have spent stressing about flights, accommodation, inter-city travel, booking activities (the list goes on), you can instead spend actually enjoying yourself. No stress, just fun. It’s a win-win.

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Doing stuff is always more fun when you have people to enjoy it with! Whether it’s cycling around the ancient city wall of Xi’an on our China tours, singing your heart out at a karaoke bar on our Japan tours, floating down the Mekong River on our Southeast Asia tours, or whipping up a feast in a cooking class on our India tours, experiences are infinitely better when you can share them. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drive around Toyko in a real-life Mario Kart race. You can’t do that on your own, can you?

Why not!

Maybe you’ve never been to Asia before, or maybe you’re just looking for a new travelling experience to tick off your bucket list, the real question is “why not!” Why not take an artfully constructed, lovingly created tour with a group of eager, like-minded people, creating lifelong friendships and exploring the beauty that Asia has to offer.

Inspired to join a group tour? Check out our Flagship 25-day China Loop, our 13-day Budget Japan Tour, our 31-day Southeast Asia Tour or our brand new 26-day Ultimate India Adventure! Want to find out more? Get in contact with any questions by emailing us at or drop us a message in the chat box below. 


Published 1st November 2018


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