Frequently asked Questions

Welcome to our international school trip FAQs

Organising a school trip for a large group of students can be difficult. Fortunately, you have our team of educational experts – including ex-teachers – on hand to answer all the questions you can imagine about how to organise your trip in China, balancing educational outcomes with a great quality itinerary at a reasonable price.

Feel free to give us a call now in Shanghai +86 021 61 50 32 00, Beijing+86 010 84865906 or contact us to speak with our experts.


Who are we?

We made a whole page to answer just this question. Click here to read about us 🙂

Are we a Licensed Travel Provider?

Yes, we are a registered travel company in both the UK, and in China. This means that we have public liability insurance whether you book through our Chinese branch, or through our UK branch. If you are a school located within China we can issue Fapiaos when you book through our Chinese branch. Our Chinese branch can also provide domestic travel insurance and flights – ask us more! (If you are a school visiting us from abroad we provide group flight bookings via our partnership with Student Universe.)

What exactly are your ‘Learning Adventures’?

The Dragon Trip tailor fantastic experiences to schools’ requirements. If you are a teacher planning a China trip, we can provide a complete package for your students. What’s more, we’ll work with you every step of the journey in order to provide a safe, rewarding and truly unforgettable trip in this fantastic country.


Who has gone on a school trip with you before?

Over the last few years we’ve become the world leader in educational tours to China. Schools that have trusted us to deliver a great experience include:

  • Dulwich College Shanghai – Pudong
  • Nord Anglia International School – Pudong
  • Edgbaston High School (UK)
  • International School of Paris (France)
  • Lorien Novalis School (Australia)
  • Beijing BISS international school
  • Shanghai Singapore International School
  • Wellington College Tianjin
  • Dubai International Academy

Visit our reviews page to read about their experiences.

Where does the trip go?

It depends on whether you are looking for a residential trip for primary students or for a project week for middle school and high school years.

The most popular destinations for project weeks tend to be Beijing (camping on the Wall), Shaolin (Kungfu & Sports exchange), Guizhou (Music exchange at a school for the visually impaired), and Xi’an (Terracotta Warriors! Rich history and culture).

If you are looking for primary years’ programs we recommend Shanghai, Suzhou, and the outer Beijing area depending on your school’s location.

We do run programs all over China though, so just give us an ask if you want to go somewhere specific – we’d love to share more information about our locations and previous trips with you.

If you currently have a partner school or institution in another city in China, we are also happy to work your itinerary around a visit to them.

Do you go anywhere else?

Yes! We have amazing itineraries in Japan, find out more

When should we travel?

The Dragon Trip operates all year round, though schools usually prefer to come in April, May, October, or during the summer holidays. We recommend avoiding big Chinese holidays, such as National Week or Spring Festival/ Chinese New Year, as many touristic sites are very busy, and travel in general is more difficult.

It is best to make a booking 6-12 months in advance, but trips can be arranged at shorter notice as well. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements.


Is it safe?

The Dragon Trip treats health and safety with the utmost importance. The hostel and hotel accommodations we work with are British Council approved, we have public liability insurance up to 5 million and the company is fully financially protected. As we’re arranging the trip we send you photos and information about things like accommodations, food, and facilities to be used – if you don’t think it’s a match, we’ll give you other options*! You can see some of our policy and risk assessment forms on the website.

*Options are dependent on where you’re travelling to, how many students you are travelling with, and the pricing tier you agree to.

Can you help us get a trip approved?

Yes.  We’ve worked closely with many schools to ensure their authorising body have all the information they need in order to approve the trips, and that we have fulfilled all of our obligations regarding this.

Can we take a pre-departure trip, visiting the locations to inspect the trip?

Yes. We offer discounted, pre-trip, teacher “recce trips” so you can do a preliminary check on all the locations and activities on your itinerary. Depending on your trip’s student numbers and scope of partnership “recce trips” may also be free. Either way, you could always ask us whether you qualify! We believe we are setting the benchmark for levels of health and safety in China so please be assured that we always place safety as an absolute priority at all times.

Can you help us organise visas?

Yes. The Dragon Trip can help schools with their visa applications for the China tourist visa. During your booking process we will advise you on the essential steps to get the visas completed.  We currently provide a group visa and multiple entry visa service. Quotes will be provided at the time of inquiry.

What is the process of organising a school trip to China?

  1. Send us an email and respond to a few follow-up questions, so that our staff can better understand your requirements
  2. You would then be issued a suggested itinerary for your school and we can work together to tweak to your requirements
  3. You offer the trip to administration and students for approval
  4. You confirm numbers and pay a deposit
  5. You’ll be issued your booking contract, with an easy to follow payment schedule
  6. If The Dragon Trip is arranging your flights we will put you in contact with our flight booking partners. If you are booking China domestic flights – we will fully arrange your flights according to the passenger information you have provided to us.
  7. 4 months prior to departure we will send out your pre-departure pack with all the information required for your trip
  8. Start your Trip
  9. Go home having provided your students with a life changing experience

If the Dragon Trip becomes insolvent after payment, would we get our money back?

Yes, as stated below:

Total Payment Protection (Topp) Policy cover:

In compliance with the UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 an insurance policy has been arranged with Travel & General Insurance Services Limited (tagis), to protect customers’ prepayments in the unlikely event of our financial failure and paid in respect of • non-flight inclusive packages commencing and returning to the UK • the ground handling aspects of packages where the customer is responsible for arranging travel to the destination offered in this brochure/literature/document/on this website (subject to the terms of the insurance policy), for: • a refund of such prepayments if customers have not yet travelled, or • making arrangements to enable the holiday to continue if customers have already travelled, or

Customers’ prepayments are protected by a topp policy.

In the unlikely event of financial failure please contact the claims helpline on 0870 0137 965. A copy of the policy is available on request.

This policy is provided by Travel & General Insurance Services plc (tagis), registered number 02527363 and underwritten by International Insurance Company of Hannover plc (Inter Hannover), registered number 01453123. tagis and Inter Hannover are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.