Camp on the Great Wall

Camp the Wall provides the best day tours from Beijing, taking you for an unforgettable sunrise camping trip on a wild section of the Great Wall of China outside Beijing! This weekend tour from Beijing, spends the night camping and sleeping on the Great Wall of China under the stars!

Leave on Saturday afternoon in our chartered bus to a secluded section of the Great Wall outside Beijing where we will hike on the Great Wall, set up camp, hang out around a campfire, sleep on the Great Wall under the stars and wake up in the morning to zip open our tents and see an amazing sunrise. Follow all this up with a rustic breakfast in a small, local farm village before heading back to Beijing to conclude this true “off the beaten track” experience!

Timings on the itinerary are subject to with the seasons. We climb earlier in the cooler months and later in the warmer months.

For bookings:


Price: 999RMB based on a minimum group of 6 pax (not including any optional snacks or extra drinks)

Includes: Transportation, tents (double occupancy), sleeping bag, English-speaking tour guide, entry ticket to the Great Wall.



  • 11:15 am: Meet at Leo Hostel, or other accommodation if specified
  • 11:30 am: Board the provided private bus and leave for the Great Wall
  • 1:30 – 2 pm: Arrive at the local farm village near the Great Wall for lunch before hiking the Wall
  • 3 pm: Hike up to the Great Wall
  • 4 pm: Start looking for a suitable site to set up and camp on the Great Wall, pitch your tents and go out exploring until sunset
  • 7:30 – 8 pm: Return to Camp and take in the magnificent sunset. Hang out around the campfire while enjoying some beers and sharing stories with the other campers
    End of the night: Sleep on the Great Wall in your tent under the stars


  • 5 am: Zip open your tent to enjoy sunrise along the Great Wall- one of the most beautiful sunrises in China
  • 5:30 am: Fuel up on a high-energy snack before exploring some more of the Wall during the early morning
  • 7 am: Return to break down the campsite and head back down to the village.
  • 8 am: Arrive back down at the farm village for a quaint and rustic breakfast before returning back to Beijing
  • 12 pm: Drop-off in central Beijing and say goodbye to your fellow campers!

It is advised you wear suitable clothes and footwear for hiking along the Wall and staying warm in the evening.
The Great Wall is very open, exposing it to the elements, so, at times, it does get cold during the night. For your comfort, The Dragon Trip recommends waterproof, windproof, and warm clothing and advises against open footwear.
Because of the remoteness of the camp site, it is not possible to get any supplies once the trip has left the local village; everything must be brought along up the Wall.
The tents provided for camping on the Great Wall are two-person tents. Everyone participating in the camping trip will be responsible for bringing up their own supplies and camping equipment.
Because of the “off the beaten path” nature of the destination, there is no waste infrastructure. The Dragon Trip respects the environment; therefore, anything carried up must be carried back down. The Dragon Trip urges travelers to not leave behind any trash. Please consider this and, if possible, bring along a plastic bag for any trash. If necessary, extra trash bags can be provided.

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