Why you should travel to China next autumn | The Dragon Trip

Why you should travel to China next Autumn | Expert Travel Tips

As 2018 comes to a close, we know you’re already thinking about where you should travel next year. Well, we know the perfect adventure destination for you – China! And, what’s more, we know the best time for you to visit, so keep reading to find out why you should travel to China next autumn!


Pleasant weather

Unlike Chinese summers which are hot and humid and Chinese winters which are cold and dry, autumn and spring are very comfortable. Autumn is especially pleasant as the humidity lessens and the becomes a lot milder. In September, Beijing’s average daytime temperature sits at around 26 degrees Celcius, however, southern parts of China like Guilin and Hong Kong still experience hotter temperatures averaging at 31 degrees Celcius. By October, the temperature in the north has dropped slightly, averaging at around 20 degrees Celcius during the day. In the evenings, the temperatures can fall to around 10 degrees, so it’s a good idea to pack layers so you’re prepared.

China’s comfortable weather during autumn means that it’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities, without being out in the heat all day, or getting too cold! If you want to make sure you find all the best activities on offer, or you don’t know how to fit everything into your trip, Autumn is a great time to book yourself onto one of the many adventure tours to China on offer. If you join a Dragon Trip tour, you’ll camp on the Great Wall, take a bamboo raft ride down the Li River and hike through rice terraces!


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Smaller crowds

Autumn is – for the most part – the least busy time of year to travel to China. The one exception is Golden Week which always takes places from the 1st to the 7th of October. Golden Week is China’s second-biggest national holiday when over 122 million people travel in and around China. As you can imagine, this draws huge crowds to the country’s top tourist attractions. Aside from Golden Week, September and October boast the smallest crowds at China’s popular attractions like The Forbidden City, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Terracotta Warriors. So, if you visit China over this period, you’ll be able to snap some great Instagram photos without a huge crowd behind you!

If you want to travel to China in 2019 but can’t make it during autumn, you won’t miss out on visiting tourist attractions without huge crowds! On our China adventure in China, we take you to a secluded part of the Great Wall where you’ll have the whole place to yourself!


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Beautiful foliage

Many people are aware that some parts of China experience a cherry blossom season similar to that of Japan’s during spring. However, almost nobody knows just how beautiful China is during autumn! We’re talking bright red, orange and yellow leaves taking over the cities and turning any pavement into a yellow brick road. The best way to experience China’s autumn is to head out into nature, specifically at the Great Wall, where the surrounding rolling hills are covered in a sea of orange! But if you find yourself in the cities, Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou to name just a few, all have beautiful parks and lakes where you can stroll around and enjoy the view.

The top place to take in the autumn foliage in Beijing is Fragrant Hills Park, which is located just outside of the city. If you’re planning on visiting the Summer Palace, Fragrant Hills Park is just a stone’s throw away. You could easily make a day trip out of it and enjoy tranquil walks around two of Beijing’s most beautiful location.


Great flight deals

The best value flights to China can be found during the shoulder seasons, which is the time between high and low seasons. China’s high season occurs during the summer months from June to August and low seasons occurs during winter months from November to March. Hot weather and popular demand cause flights, accommodation and transportation prices to sky-rocket during the summer, so if you’re planning to travel during this time you’ll need to budget accordingly. With our adventure tours to China, you can start your trip in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, so you can shop around to find the best flight for you, and pick the tour that fits!

Autumn is an incredibly underrated time to travel, so you can find some very reasonable flight deals for dates in September and October. And, if you’re already thinking about planning a trip to China in 2019, then you’ll definitely be able to grab a bargain by booking your off-peak flights further in advance!


Want to take a look at the adventure tours to China on offer? Check out our Flagship 25-day budget backpacking adventure, our 18-day Beijing Loop, our 15-day Half China Loop and much more!


Published 14th December 2018


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